Welcome Home

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Lieutenant Jade Bader was one of the first soldiers to enter Baghdad this weekend his family and friends enjoy their limited time.

Welcome home posters and signs of all of the holiday's Lt. Jade Bader has missed line the wall of his childhood home in Roscoe. Bader is returning home after spending six months in Iraq.

Bader is part of the 269th Armored Unit that was one of the first to cross the Iraqi border. In the 25 days of fighting, Bader says he saw things that nobody should have to. These images he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Three of Bader's comrades were killed from enemy gunfire. Some of the worst moments Bader can remember were when his unit would push toward Baghdad in the middle of the night and get into a firefight. Once the bullets would stop the darkness of night he says almost becoming blinding. But the bond with his soldiers changed his life forever.

When Bader finally arrived in Baghdad, he says the victory of the war for him finally became apparent. Bader will now focus his attention on his family, making up for the time he spent overseas, but this soldier could get activated again in six months, so before then he says he plans to renew his vows to his newly wedded wife.