No School Again

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The teachers' strike in that district alone continues. There were talks Sunday when there was a hope that an agreement could be reached. The teachers union and the Hononegah School District met with a federal mediator. After 3 hours of negotiations no ground on ending this strike was reached.

Hononegah School Board President David Kurlinkus talks with the media after three hours of talks fail to reach an agreement with the teachers union. There was hope that there would be movement, but this weeklong teachers strike will continue.

The district says they offered the Hononegah Education Association, which represents the teachers, 2 new offers. One would change how the board would ask teachers to take on a potential 6th class. The second would guarantee the board would not ask more than 10% of teachers to take on another course. Both of these proposals were rejected by the teachers union who say they believe the board can do better.

The only issue both sides still need to hammer out is how the verbiage on a teachers workload is worded. Both the teachers union and the board want the power to decide if and who get a chance to teach a sixth course. For the teachers it's about job security, for the district, it's the power, which neither side wants to give in.

No new talks have been scheduled and neither side knows where to go from here.