Homecoming Festivities Go On

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Students from Hononegah High School have their Homecoming dance Saturday night. They had to overcome insurmountable odds to just to put the dance on.

Dressed up ready to party students from Hononegah High School arrive in style for their Homecoming dance Saturday night. But this dance will be different than any other because it is being held at Beloit High School in Wisconsin.

Quick thinking by students saved the Homecoming dance. It could have been ruined by the continuing teachers strike at their High School. But they came together and with the help of the community will be able the dance the night away.

To complete the day, Saturday afternoon, the Hononegah football team played their Homecoming game against local media personalities. The team's original game set for Friday night was forfeited due to the strike. Even though this game was just for fun, it meant the world to the students who played in it.

The Hononegah team was able to claim a victory by beating the media by a score of 28-20. This weekend was made possible by the generosity of the community and the resiliency of the students. It was a special weekend for everybody including the parents.