Bringing Back What Was Previously Cut

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The Rockford School Board debated Monday night with what to do with an un-expected $7 million from the state. The administration compiled a list of some positions and programs they would like to see the money go to. These were cuts the board made back in March to help ease a $12 million debt.

Beth Rydberg was threatening to take Guilford freshman out of the Rockford Public School District. But among about $2.5 million in restorations, the board added one more. Board members voted unanimously to bring back the zero hour at Guilford. The move will cost about $13, 000 but 80 students will now be able to take more classes.

Other recommendations that passed include a variety of administrative positions including bringing back nine assistant principals and hall monitors. The after school suspension program will also be back this fall. Board members say these positions make progress on providing a quality education.

The board still has about $4 million in state aid left over after these restorations. That money will head into a reserve fund.

School Board President Nancy Kalchbrenner says, " We need to show that we're serious about deficit reduction."