Looking Back on Cuts

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Some teachers may get their jobs back Monday night. The Rockford School Board meets to on how to spend some newly acquired state aid.

The Rockford School Board will vote on whether to restore a portion of the $10 million in jobs and educational programs the board cut earlier in the year. The cuts were part of the districts solution to balancing next year's school budget and trimming down their sizeable debt.

The school district is set to receive nearly $7 million in new state aid that the governor has approved. Now the school board will have to decide whether to use that money to restore jobs and programs or put use that money to pay down their debt.

But the administration is recommending that the board restore positions in nursing, clerical, administrative and school security. Other recommendations are to bring back the schools gifted program for exceptional students. This all adds up to a price tag of nearly $2.5 million. The State Board of Education is requiring that some of these positions be restored. But some board members are more concerned about what may not be brought back.

The board has previously stated that they would restore this zero hour program. If the board restores all of the administrations recommendations, they will be left with more than $4 million in surplus. Some board members want to use it to pay down the debt while others feel it should be put into a rainy day fund.