911 Call Center Delay

Right now our local 911 call center is not capable of finding the exact location of emergency calls made from cell phones. In an effort to make us safer, they are trying to change that. But the opening of a new call center has been delayed a half a dozen times.

There are several reasons why the opening has been delayed. For a while, they were waiting for a piece of equipment only made in Israel. They received that a few weeks ago, but that delay has caused a bit of a snowball effect, delaying everything else they have to do.

The current 911 center is located downtown. That one has been upgraded and will handle all calls inside the city of Rockford. The new center is on North Main and will handle all calls outside the city limits. All the equipment is now in place, but because the phones, the radios, and the computers are all different than the old equipment, it takes time to get all those things to gel.

The point of all the testing is to make the transition from the current system to the new system a seamless one. Chief Robertson said the old system is working perfectly, so there is no hurry; they simply want to wait and get it right the first time.