Postal Office Says No Teabags

Postal Service issues cautions about proposed tea bag protest
The U-S Postal Service says it isn't trying to stop the lieutenant governor's suggestion that unhappy Illinoisans mail tea bags with their utility bill payments to protest upcoming rate increases.

Postal officials have just one request -- skip the tea.

A spokeswoman says full tea bags could be bulky enough to harm postal equipment and create security scares by leaking brown residue. But the service says folks could make their point by tucking an empty tea bag inside their monthly payment to Com-Ed or Ameren.

Last week, Ameren officials announced that its customers will see increases of between 40 and 55 percent, while Com-Ed is planning increases of about 22 percent.

Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn says the tea bags will harken back to the Boston Tea Party protest over unfair taxation by the British.