Auditor Criticizes Blagojevich Over Medicine

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- The state auditor says Rod Blagojevich agreed to buy 2.6 million dollars of foreign flu vaccine last year even after the governor's aides told him federal officials wouldn't let it into the country

Auditor General William Holland concludes in a report today that the Blagojevich administration knew the vaccine couldn't be imported and that the federal government had enough vaccine for Illinois' needs. But state officials signed a January 2005 contract anyway.

In the end, Illinoisans couldn't use the vaccine, so the governor donated it to Pakistan after the earthquake.

The state's comptroller refused to pay for the vaccine and the supplier is now suing Illinois.

The auditor also criticizes Blagojevich for spending one million-dollars on the state's prescription-drug program, I-Save-R-X. He argues it violates federal law and isn't well-utilized.