Puppy Mill In Janesville

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Our home is often our safe haven but the living conditions man's best friend had to reside in was just barbaric. Last night the Rock County Humane Society took 44 Siberian Huskies out of one home. The dogs were all found at this home on Afton Road in Janesville. Michelle and Jerry Tally were arrested for failure to provide food, water and shelter. Additional charges are pending. Humane Investigator Jim Hurley gives the condition of the dogs. Hurley says, “They're matted with feces and urine. They're discolored and they have upper respiratory problems. They had some chemical burns from being in that environment. So it's just a very sad situation."

The dogs are filled with parasites. The Rock County Humane Society spent the day cleaning and vaccinating all 44 dogs. But the problem is there's really no more room at the inn. The Humane Society is well past capacity so foster homes are needed. The shelter also needs groomers and or dog bathers, deodorizing dog shampoo, chew resistant leashes at least 6ft long, people willing and able to foster one of two dogs and volunteers to transport dogs.

The huskies will be ready to adopt in one week.

Contact the shelter at 608-752-5622 if you can help.