No School After a Vote to Strike

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After almost three hours of a last ditch effort to negotiate a contract, no deal is reached. Salaries and benefits are settled. It's the wording of the 5 to 2 policy that is at the head of this negotiation. The five to two police is where there has been little movement.

During Monday night's negotiations teachers gathered outside of Hononegah High School. Instead of signs, they had candles. Teachers say the light represents that the teachers as a whole were behind any decisions made Monday night, but they'll put down the candles and pick up strike signs come Tuesday. Teachers are adamant that teaching five classes a day and having two free periods equals a quality education. The school board says that teaching a sixth day is strictly voluntary. By doing this the board can reduce class size and possibly offer more classes.

The board has filled arbitration which means a third party would come in and decide is the board could ask for volunteers to teach a sixth period. The board wanted to wait for an arbitrator to come in before January. That would have avoided school closing. The teachers rejected that offer.

As of Monday night no new negotiations were set. As for Homecoming, there has been no decision to cancel the game or dance.