3 Unions, One City, No Outcome

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Right now, three Rockford unions are in the midst of a major labor dispute. Monday night members of the Rockford Fire Department, Rockford Police Department and AFSCME unions crowded into city council chambers. Everyone is butting heads on wages and health insurance. Mayor Morrissey says both surpass the average citizen. At this hour the police union has no new negotiation dates and area firefighter's lips are sealed.

Firefighter President E.J. Dilonardo states, "We want community to know that silence is firefighter’s statement out of respect to the community because firefighter’s issues are too complex."

Rockford firefighters will head to arbitration in November. Also bids are going out for a new health insurance consultant. This is the second time the city has looked for a consultant. The last one selected some say was too closely tied to Mayor Morrissey's campaign.