Building A Case For FEMA

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People were fleeing their homes in boats trying to find dry land. Others just sat in awe trying to make sense of the mess Mother Nature dumped on us. The city is urging residents to fess up about any flood related damage. The city only has about 30 days to state a case to FEMA. FEMA’s expected to decide in 2-weeks whether or not Winnebago County will be declared a natural disaster area which means extra financial support.

Brad Bounds, a flood victim said this to the city council Monday night. Bounds states,"It is time to stop pointing figures and shrugging shoulders as if this was out of everyone's control. It is quite clear that the city had numerous chances before this tragedy to address the failures and nothing was done."

Bounds spoke on behalf of eight residents whose basements and homes are destroyed. The residents live in one the hardest hit areas near Rolling Green. Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey wants the community to know that documentation is key right now. The city needs all damage reports and pictures to continue to build a case with FEMA.

Mayor Morrissey states, We encourage anyone if you've got questions or doubts you want to know what services are out there both large and small to contact city Human Services at 987-5685. You can call 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. seven days a week. We’re open so we can get your information and we're building a database."

Also a warning to residents to watch out for scams. Call the City of Rockford's Building Department to make sure a contractor is licensed. The Building Department also has a list of trades that are providing free estimates or donating manual labor.