Garage Sale Restrictions

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Some Freeport leaders want residents to get their garbage off their front lawns and into the trash. They say some yard sales have turned into unsightly businesses.

"We have people who have pretty much a flea market in their yard and they have it up all summer long. It creates problems with traffic and visibility with large signs on corners," said Shelly Griswold, Freeport's director of community development.

Griswold is proposing a plan that could require people to register with the city every time they hold a garage sale.

"So that if we had a limit of three, four, or five garage sales then we would have a way of keeping track," said Griswold.

Lawns in Freeport would be free of clutter the first half of the week if another ordinance is passed. It would only allow yard sales on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

"Common sense says that's when most garage sales are. That would eliminate people from [extending sales] to Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday so they couldn't have them week round," said Mayor George Gaulrapp.

Some residents say one man's junk will always be another man's treasure.

"I go to a lot of garage sales myself and you can pick up sometimes some pretty good stuff and if they have it every day I would go to them every day," said James Fane, a Freeport resident.

City Council will make a final decision in October.