Jaycees Distribute Necessities to Flood Victims

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Right now, many flood victims still cannot return to their homes. However, when they do, the Rockford Jaycees are making sure their lives are as normal as possible.

The Jaycees spent tonight bringing hope to those who have very little. They have been going to families homes in the affected areas and hotels where those whose homes have been condemned are staying. They bring with them clothing, money, and other home necessities to those who lost everything. And even though at this hour, some don't have a home to return to, they are overwhelmed by the support from the community.

"My husband, we're working, trying to get some of the stuff back that we actually lost back storing," says flood victim Yolanda Davis.

Last Sunday, we brought you the story of Keli Vollig. Vollig is a single mother who had just moved into a home a week before the floods took everything away. Several of you have responded and as a result, Vollig will be receiving new furniture, clothing, and other home furnishings that have been donated from throughout the community.

However, the Volligs and hundreds of other families in Southeast Rockford still need our support. If you would like to help, contact the Jaycees, Red Cross, or Salvation Army. In addition to clothing, many families need furniture and appliances to replace what was lost during the storm.

The Jaycees say they will continue to collect and distribute supplies until they are no longer needed.