Freeport Mayor Meets with Church Leaders

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Church leaders in Freeport want to give area teens something to do so they'll stay out of trouble.

It's a tool to keep 15-year-old Cyle Saxby out of trouble.
"I gotta wear my ankle bracelet cause my parole officer doesn't trust me," Saxby says.

Saxby wears this bracelet everyday so authorities can monitor his every move. It was assigned after he spent nine months in prison for stealing...followed by three months in rehab. He blames most of his problems on boredom.

"Drugs, party cause there's nothing to do around here," he says.

But Cyle is not alone. Many teens in Freeport say they're bored...and need something positive to do. So now Freeport Mayor George Gaulrapp and several dozen religious leaders are stepping in to fill the void.

"I feel like we could give the youth value where they don't have value and give them new direction and give them the support they deserve," says Pastor Steve Barr of East Gate Christian Center.

Saxby says Freeport's efforts may be effective on teens his age. He recently joined a youth group...which Saxby says helps keep him out of trouble.

"Occupy my time since I just got out of prison and rehab and stuff so it's easier to find something to do with time instead of drugs," Saxby says.

Freeport church leaders say they'll be putting together a website to connect all church calenders. This will make it easier for more teens to get involved.

The Mayor and religious leaders will meet again in a few weeks. Next time they'll have more teens present to give ideas about activities.