Holocaust Survivors Speak At Beloit College

­Two Holocaust survivors, who were forced to live in a Lithuanian ghetto and then endured the Nazi death camps, will give their eyewitness accounts at Beloit College on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 4 p.m., in the Richardson Auditorium of Morse-Ingersoll Hall on the Beloit College campus.

Howard Melton, a Lithuanian Jew, will speak, and he will be joined by fellow Holocaust survivor Albert Beder for a memorable discussion. Melton and Beder were imprisoned together, first in a ghetto and later in the concentration camps. Finally after four years, they were liberated together.

This will be a return visit for Melton, who spoke on the Beloit College campus earlier this year. He has invited Beder to join him for an expanded account of what the two experienced together. Melton has shared his story with many different groups across the country. Germany invaded Lithuania on June 22, 1941, and forced 30,000 Jews into one ghetto. At the time, Melton was only 10 years old. He survived four years in German concentration camps and ghettos by working and tells his story now to educate people.

After the presentation, the audience will have an opportunity to meet Melton and Beder in the president’s dining room in Commons.

This lecture is free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact Professor Tom Freeman at freemant@beloit.edu.