Ethanol Plant May Soon Come to Stateline

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Several of our farmers may soon be able to cut down on export costs if another ethanol plant comes to the Stateline. The plant would be located at the intersection of Route 72 and Rothwell Drive on the boarder of Davis Junction and Stillman Valley.

Loren Richolson has been farming the fields for the last 41 years. He has 70 acres of corn just one mile from the proposed sight.

"With it down the road we could just haul it down in wagons and it'll work out great," Richolson says.

"We're helping the economy locally and in the state of Illinois we're developing what would reduce our dependency on foreign oil and we're making a positive contribution to the environment," says Andy Foster, the spokesman for American Ethanol.

"I think it would be great we need it to get the taxes they're jabbing us in the back too hard to build these schools and everything and we need something in the community to help us," Richolson says.

But not everyone's buying into how great it would be.

"I'm a bit skeptical I guess cause I don't know if there's enough bushels in the county so it's gonna provide some corn from outside the county and I'm not sure the economics are what we want it to be," says farmer Patrick Hickey.

American Ethanol says it will hire up to three-hundred construction workers for 18-months...and 55 permanent employees once the plant opens.

American Ethanol has six plants pending approval from the Illinois EPA. They plan on building ten sites within the next few years.