Murder Investigation

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The man who pulled the trigger in Rockford's 13th murder this year may never go to court for the killing. Ryan Craig says it was self defense.

It started as a home invasion Tuesday night. Police say two men held another man at gunpoint trying to force their way into a house on North Church Street. Craig was inside the house. He opened the door and saw 'Corey Brown' holding a gun and his friend hostage.

Police say Craig then shot and killed Brown. When officers searched the home they found drugs inside.

"We're looking at the drug angle. We recovered a substantial amount of narcotics inside the residence as a possible motive, along with some other things," said Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark.

So far authorities have not charged Craig in connection with the murder, but he is facing drug charges. Police found cocaine, marijuana and several guns inside his house. Craig is charged with possession with intent to deliver coke and marijuana, as well as having an unregistered gun.

Twenty-one-year-old Matthew Peterson faces the same charges. Craig and Peterson both live at the home on Church Street. Their bond is set at $100,000. Twenty-one-year-old Jerome Bachota was visiting at the time of the break-in. He is charged with marijuana possession.