Test Scores Improve

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Students aren't the only ones who wait anxiously for test scores... so do school administers.

Test scores have improved dramatically at several Rockford schools...some even tripling their scores in math and reading. And with so many students performing better...several schools are now moving away from the deep end.

Eight schools scored at least a 47-point-five percent...taking them off the state's watch list...and fulfilling the Adequate Yearly Progress. Of these schools...Byer was just shy of being turned over to the state. But with two years of improving scores...they are now off the list completely. Principles say they are pleased with the improving test scores.

The state changed the eighth grade test this year. It now has the same questions seen on tests across the country rather than just in Illinois. This has helped get eighth grade scores up.

Twenty-seven of 34 elementary schools have made Adequate Yearly Progress...There were only 11 in 2004.