Family Moved Into Home Days Before Flood

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"I'm realizing what I've lost and what I'm picking through, and yeah, it's worse," says flood victim Keli Vollig.

Keli and her daughter Tesla had just moved in to a home on Sixth Ave. Now, the front yard Keli once envisioned Tesla playing in holds most of her belongings that were ruined during the storm.

"We had I'd say three-quarters of our boxes downstairs, belongings and furniture and stuff because we began painting. We moved in to remodel it, so we lost a whole lot," Keli says.

And when the rains came in, mother and daughter were forced to move fast.

"We tried to get whatever we could out of the basement as soon as possible. I lost my vehicle, it was that quick," Keli says.

The Volligs were one of many families who received meals from the Red Cross's mobile unit on Sunday afternoon.

"People have been great, coming up and knocking on doors, asking if we need anything," Keli says.

And when the rain started falling on Sunday morning...

"I was worried, I was, and I still am because the clouds are not gone," Keli says.

However while the Volligs lost many of their material possessions, they gained something else.

"She's made a lot of friends, like I said, the neighborhood people, that's how we've gotten to know each other," Keli says.

"She's (Keli) been staying inside. I've been going out and playing with my neighborhood friends," adds her six-year-old daughter Tesla.

"We still don't have our plumbing working right or anything, but we're doing what we can. We're making it," Keli adds.

Keli and her daughter are continuing to live in the house. Like many other flood victims, the pair spend much of their days cleaning up what's left of their basement.