Local College Student Faces Deportation

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A former Rock Valley College student is facing deportation and he claims the college is to blame. Chris Harris's student visa has been denied three times in a row.

He claims he filled out all the necessary forms, but the college failed to take care of their end of the deal by not filling out the right paperwork or filing the paperwork correctly. If Harris does not file an appeal by Monday, he and his family face deportation back to their native Australia.

"My family and I don't understand how something like this could happen when you do it the right way and still you get kicked out. It's an injustice, it really is," Harris says.

Harris and his family do not plan on filing an appeal because they do not have the money to do so.

In response to Harris's claims, Rock Valley College issued the following statement to 23 News.

"Rock Valley College honors its obligation to maintain the confidentiality of all student information and thus the College is limited in its ability to comment specifically on Mr. Harris's claims. The College has consistently welcomed and cooperated with all foreign nationals wishing to receive educational services in this Community College District and Mr. Harris has been no exception. At the same time, the responsibility of a foreign national student to secure and maintain a proper visa status in the United States, permitting attendance at an American educational institution, at all times rests with the individual student."