Free DNA Kits for Parents

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It’s estimated that right now more than one million kids are missing. It's a parent's worst nightmare, but do you know one of the most important tools for helping police find our kids?

It's as simple as a good quality, up-to-date picture, and a local car dealer was helping hundreds of area kids and their parents with some of these preventative measures.

Bachrodt on State held a child safety program, taking pictures and videos of over six hundred children. Free home DNA kits were also handed out to parents. All of these are crucial tools for investigators in the event our kids are kidnapped.

"It’s not about a business thing, in fact our business will drop off significantly because of the people in and out and interruptions, but it’s really about the children and we've always been community advocates," says Phil Harris, general manager of Bachrodt on State.

Parents appreciate the opportunity to learn more about these child safety measures.

"It feels good to know there's something I have to protect my daughters," says parent Wendy Hougan.

"It’s something that I've always wanted to get but I've never known where to go and get it," adds parent Billie Jo West.

Parents who attended the event were given a child safety journal with information on keeping kids safe. If you missed the event, don't worry. You can contact Bachrodt on State at (815) 226-9151 and they will send you a free DNA kit.