Flood-Garbage Pickup

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A mother of two couldn't bare to watch the garbage men whisk away almost everything from the first two floors of her home.

"Just today watching all my stuff go is very hard. We've watched everyone else's stuff go and their stuff is theirs and now it's hitting me with our personal belongings," says flood victim Robin Rodriquez.

Seven trucks from the Rock River Disposal are helping families like the Rodriquez's clear away their damaged belongings. They're spending all day, hitting up areas most effected by the flood.

"It's been pretty tough to see all these people who lot everything and it's no fun to look at," says garbage truck driver Billie Moore.

It's no fun for Robin and Tomas Rodriquez. They moved into their home two months ago and just finished rearranging their basement this week. Now they will be doing some more rearranging, this time with fewer belongings.

"Things were going well and we were happy to finally buy our house for the first time and mother nature comes along," Rodriquez says.

Drivers from Rock River Disposal say they're sorry to be the ones taking away a family's heirlooms, but without these guys, it would be difficult for the community to move forward.

Rock River Disposal says it's spending up to 20 minutes per house. They will continue picking up garbage in the harder hit areas on Monday.