A Spray Form of Defense

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Witnesses say this complaint caused a huge altercation between various guests and forced park district police to spray.

Guests get extra help breathing; others try to wash their face clean from pepper spray. Witnesses say a girl from a Chicago drill team was fondled in the wave pool.

She reported the incident to her trip leader. The girl then pointed out the man to the leader who was then confronted and ran. Park District police got involved trying to chase the man down, but they weren't the only ones defending the girl. Witnesses say a big group of people ran were also running after the suspect.

Park District police say in order to break up the chaos that could have lead to more serious injuries pepper spray was used.

Magic Waters Manager Kim Bakke says, “The group did not allow our officers to diffuse the situation so pepper spray was dispensed."

Witnesses say the officer stated loudly that he was going to spray, but no one backed away from the scene. As a result, eight people were taken to various hospitals with the youngest injured being a two-week-old baby. A triage center was also established treating skin irritations and shortness of breath.

All of the injuries were not life threatening. Park District police have three people in custody. They say more people could be charged. The incident is under investigation.