Renter Told to "Clear Out Now"

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9/7/06 - Paige Stephens has been clearing out and cleaning up her basement since Tuesday morning, but there's still a lot of work to do and now her landlord says she must get it all out by Friday morning.

Stephens has lived in her Rockford apartment with her mother for about a year now. She's never met her landlord and has learned she won't be seeing remorse anytime soon. Her landlord told her she must get all of her belongings out by eight a.m. tomorrow, or else it will all be thrown away.

"I just need some help, that's it, and he said throw it out, and that's why I felt like I lost and I turned to my mother and said, I quit, I can't fight it anymore," Stephens says.

Stephens says she felt much better after tonight's forum because she knows she's not alone and there are dozens more out there who are in a similar situation.

Rockford Police told Stephens that if her landlord does indeed try to toss out her belongings she can call the police and they can put a stop to it.