Finding Nemo

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The summer blockbuster hit 'Finding Nemo' is spurring sales of clownfish, the type of fish portrayed as the movie's main character, Nemo. While the fish are bringing joy to many Stateline kids, there are some things you should know before you try to catch the Nemo trend.

‘Finding Nemo’ is this summers animated blockbuster; the story of clownfish lost in the sea. Nemo's fish tale is not only luring kids to the theater its fueling sales of these brightly colored clownfish.

"The ones we have here are already sold," says Steve Ramstedt of Anything Aquatics, Inc. "At first (they were hard to get) but ocean reefs and aquatics upped the volume and now I can get them no problem"

Doctor’s offices are some of Ramstedts best customers who are all requesting Nemo for their tanks to entertain children.

Dori, a blue tang who befriends Nemo, is also popular. While Ramstedt enjoys the new wave of sales, he says many people don't know how to care for these exotic fish.

"We've had a few calls where people think they can just buy a Nemo like a goldfish and put them in a bowl. That just isn't the case. You've got to have a good filtration system to keep the water quality right," he says.

You'll have to watch the movie to see if Nemo finds his way home, but we can tell you if you decide to buy Nemo, you'll want to do some research and make sure Nemo's the right fish.

Ramstedt says try to buy the fish in person to assure the best quality. Consider what other types of fish are in your tank because larger breeds could eat smaller clownfish. Keep in mind clownfish are saltwater fish and their tanks require more maintenance. Anything Aquatics sells Nemo for about $15, but they can cost as much as $25.