Stateline Contractor Donates Service

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While many of us are done pumping the flood water out of our basements...we're now worrying about how we're going to repair and rebuild such a muddy mess.

United Restoration says it's grateful for all of the business it's been granted over the years. And now it's time to give back to those left with the mess of a flooded basement.

Karen Arthur thought her family was literally going to drown in their home.

"It just kept coming up and up the stairs pretty quickly and then it got up to the fourth stair which was pretty scary cause we thought it was going to come into the house," says homeowner Karen Arthurs.

Four-and-a-half feet of water climbed the walls...wiping out her entire basement.

"Complete gut. All of the walls, ceilings, floorings...everything has to go," says Dave Steffen, the owner of United Restoration.

United Restoration says the Arthurs family has about 15-thousand dollars worth of damage. But instead of dipping deep into their pockets...this lucky family is getting the work done for free.

"There are literally hundreds of homes around here that are effected. There's a lot of restoration companies around here and the community's been good to us, so it's time to give back," Steffen says.

"When I heard about that I was real appreciative of it and i just couldn't believe it was real surprising someone would do that," Arthurs says.

While the Arthurs family lost years of memories in the flood...this is a memory they'll never forget.

United Restoration says it plans on donating its time to restore up to 10 different homes damaged during the storm. They've put together a help list for those of us affected by the storm. You can check it out at