Sixth Avenue Flood Damage Update

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Carl Sleszinski spent years fixing up seven houses on Sixth Avenue. On Monday he watched his hard work washed away by flood waters.

"Within two hours it was well up to the blocks on the home and we had people in canoes being helped out of their homes," Sleszinski said.

Three houses Sleszinski rehabbed are now condemned. He was planning on moving into a house until its foundation caved into the basement. So far, no one from the government has offered to help him rebuild.

"It seems like the people coming through here they look at it and say oh that's too bad. Well give an honest answer on if there's going to be any assistance."

Residents on 6th Avenue say the city needs to clean up Keith Creek. They're worried a tree that's been lying there for at least six months could cause another flood.

"I think it's part of their job to clean it. The city, it looks like they've ignored it," said Dennis Lee, a 6th Ave. resident.

"City people drive by that all the time and nothing is done about it. It's like if we don't have the money we don't care," said Sleszinski.

Rockford's Human Services Department will give people a place to live. But so far, no organizations have offered to replace people's belongings. Some say they've lost everything.