Hearts of Gold in the Stateline

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Many of us are still cleaning up what's left of our basements...while others may have no damage at all.

"We wanted to take some ease off your guys' clean-up and we're gonna install and donate a brand new furnace," says Adam Bird, whose brother owns G-T Heating and Air.

It's stories like these, that show just how thoughtful people are in the stateline area. Adam Bird's mother learned of the Abernathy family's flooded basement last night on 23 news. She called her son Garett who's currently working in Iraq and asked if his company GT Heating and Air could help.

"Just lets you know people do care out there and it feels good on the same side to help people when they're in need," Bird says.

The furnace was unplugged during the flood, so bird says it may not be a total loss.

Bird says even if the furnace is able to be fixed...G-T heating and air will help with other appliances damaged during the flood.

"If it doesn't need to be replaced, we'll take care of the washer and dryer cause more than likely it will need to be replaced. That will come out of pocket with god blessing us the way he has, let's bless them just the same," Bird says.

The Abernathy's will meet with bird sometime next week to determine whether the furnace can be fixed or if it will indeed need to be replaced.

G-T Heating and Air is on hold until Garett Bird comes back from Iraq in May. A new furnace and installation usually costs about 25-hundred dollars.