The Day After

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The skies are quiet but many are still shaken from the damage this Labor Day storm caused the Stateline. Right now residents are still cleaning up flooded basements and throwing away damaged pictures and heirlooms. Some are learning that their home has been deemed unlivable. The City of Rockford has been giving the media updates about the status of the city.

The numbers are only going up not down. The reality is that 650 people had to leave their home and it could be for good. The fire department spent the day going door-to-door and assessed 3,000 homes. Tuesday night, 22 people stayed at the temporary shelter at the Hallstrom Center. Good news, the school bus will be picking up kids at the center and taking them to school Wednesday. IEMA, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency arrived in Rockford late Tuesday afternoon. IEMA gives damage reports directly to the state and is a needed step if any of us want to see any state or federal dollars.

IEMA Representative Paul Rasch states, “Yes there is formula that is standard that is applied to the amount of damages. That is one of the reasons we are working so hard at getting accurate figures and a grasp of how much damage there is."

More IEMA members will arrive Wednesday. Many of you are having problems getting in touch with anyone after 5 p.m. The fire department is serving as a nighttime contact. You can call 987-5800.

The city and the state are ready to help the neighborhoods hit hardest. Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey signed a Declaration of Local Emergency. That's a step in the right direction to be eligible for financial help from the state and federal government.