Mayor Faints, Goes to ER

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Mayor Doug Scott was rushed to the hospital Thursday after fainting and striking his head on a brick walkway. It happened after a morning news conference at St. Anthony's Church.

The mayor delivered his weekly press conference at St. Anthony’s. A typical event took a scary turn as mayor Scott mingled with the public afterwards in this garden.

"He was a little white and blanched but I think he was just stressed with everything going on. People we're gathering all over the garden and the next thing we heard was a thud," says Father Luke.

That thud was the mayor. Witnesses say he swayed and fell to the ground before going unconscious.

"His legs kind of locked up and then he went over backwards," John Falzone says.

Falzone says the mayor blacked out for nearly a minute before he could wake him. The mayor was rushed to Swedish American Hospital. He was conscious on arrival. His aides say he had a fainting spell and has not gotten a lot of rest in recent days, putting in a lot of extra hours since a storm ripped through town on Saturday.

Doctors at Swedish American say the mayor is in good condition at this hour, but will stay in the hospital overnight for observation.