Field Force Training

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Field force training is completed annually, but the sheriff's department went beyond just watching and learning.

The sheriff's department trained on various riot formations that have been used in the past. Riot control was needed at a KKK rallies in Rockford and various local concerts to control thousands of people.

This is the second of two training sessions for the Winnebago county sheriff's department. It's also a time to show and experience new equipment. The department showed new distraction devices. After some descriptions and demonstrations it was time for the department to experience the effects. Members of the department experienced what it is like to be shot with a stun gun and various chemicals used in riot control.

Another chemical spray called OC is new to the department and will soon become a mandatory requirement for all officers to try. Currently, OC is carried by the Winnebago County Sheriff's department in a fog spray. Within the next six months all officers will carry a spray form.