Sundstrand Temporary Workers

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As a worker lockout at Hamilton Sundstrand enters its fifth week, the company is hiring temporary workers to fill customer orders at its two local facilities.

Instead of picketing at their usual post outside of Hamilton Sundstrand, locked out workers are canvassing the Clocktower Resort parking lot voicing their concerns about a recruiter interviewing temporary workers.

"You've just damaged a relationship it's like a couple that has problems. There are certain lines you don't cross because it makes it that much harder. This is a line they shouldn't have crossed."

As people come in and out of this building union workers are handing them these fliers telling them not to apply for jobs or patronize the recruiting company Nucon.

Bronson says, "This isn't necessary. It really isn't a career they're offering these people and this is a job that belongs to someone else."

Security was tight as hundreds of job seekers showed up to apply for the temporary jobs in a precarious situation.

Fulton says, "I've got a family and I've got to take care of them. It's hard to find a job out there today and you gotta do what you gotta do to find a job whether it's crossing the picket line or not."

Sundstrand officials tell 23 News they're unspecified number of employees for six types of jobs paying anywhere from $12.20 an hour. They stress it's only temporary, but unemployed workers like Chad Fulton are willing to take an opportunity they can get.

Fulton says, "As long as I'm able to do my job and do it right and they like me, hire me on."

But union workers told me today hope a new contract is reached before temps even cross the picket line. The job fair continues at the Clocktower resort from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18.