Sewage Floods Rockford Neighborhood

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Some residents on Yale Drive have more to deal with than just water damage.

"It was just black sewage water gushing out of the toilet this high. It was also coming up in the bathtub," said Susan Dickson.

While water rushed down Yale Drive and over yards, the sewer system backed up into the Dickson's basement.

"We pumped for about two hours and my husband and son started cutting up the carpet last night, but it was saturated and too heavy to carry out."

Sewage caused thousands of dollars worth of damage that isn't covered by insurance. The Dicksons say the Rock River water reclamation district isn't offering any help.

"Taxes are due today, so I'm writing a check for almost $8,000. I'm sure there's probably $10,000 worth of damage."

Next door to the Dicksons, waters rose about three feet. The flooding was so severe that a refrigerator was floating around the basement. Most flood waters have receded, but the cleanup has just begun.