Steroid Testing for Illinois Teens

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (AP) - Steroid testing could trickle down from the big leagues to Illinois high schools in the next two years.

The Illinois High School Association is considering random steroid testing at state finals, including the Elite Eight in basketball and championship football games.

The proposal is modeled after a policy that went into effect this year in New Jersey, the only state with a steroid testing program for high schools.

Players who test positive would be banned for a year under the proposal.

Athletes also would forfeit medals in individual sports such as track and swimming. But schools wouldn't have to return trophies in team sports such as football and basketball.

Officials hope just the threat of testing curbs steroid use, preserving both students' health and competitive balance.

Many school officials support the idea, but some fear athletes may be willing to gamble because the tests will be random rather than for every player.

The proposal could go to IHSA board by next spring.