Crocodile Hunter Dies

CAIRNS, Australia (AP) -- Television cameras brought Steve Irwin fame as T-V's "Crocodile Hunter" and now they have recorded his final moments.

Irwin's producer says videotape shows Irwin pulling a poisonous barb from his own chest before losing consciousness.

The wildly enthusiastic Australian wildlife expert was filming a new program called "Ocean's Deadliest" along Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Producer John Stainton was on board Irwin's boat and saw the footage. He says Irwin swam over top a stingray, prompting it to raise its spine. The barb punctured his chest, says Stainton, "he pulled it out and the next minute he's gone."

Queensland state police now are holding the tape as evidence for a coroner's inquiry, the producer said.

Irwin is survived by his wife and two children. He was 44.