Labor Day, What Does it Mean to You?

It started out with one union in New York over 100 years ago. Now Labor Day is all inclusive, union and non union, men and women with diverse backgrounds celebrating a year of hard work. But the union roots are still evident.

Peggy Doner is a school bus driver.

She said, “The whole thing of Labor Day parade has to do with all the unions coming together and celebrating that we have this day off because of our labor unions; that’s the most important part.”

But for others the day is more about family, rewarding hard working individuals by giving them a three-day weekend to spend with loved ones.

Jodi Stuckey is one of those people.

“The extra day that you can probably relax instead of rushing around doing things you don’t have time to do during the week,” she said.

Even those who don't fully appreciate the blood, sweat and tears shed through the work year can still appreciate the day. And if you ask a small child at the Labor Day parade, they too will tell you what today is all about.

Ji'mya said, “Labor Day means you get some candy.”