First Flight

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Our new passenger service carrier landed for the first time on a Rockford runway. Just last week TransMeridian was announced as the airline to provide non-stop flights to Las Vegas and Orlando.

Rockford is now one of nine cities TransMeridian fly's their 727's and 757's out of. Tuesday, many contributors came out to see or remember what passenger service in Rockford is like.

In the midst of a gloomy rain filled sky, a sight many will use as a way to escape. TransMeridian made their first stop in Rockford and the Greater Rockford Airport filled with excited flyers. It took over $250,000 in which we all helped raise for customers to be able to look out and see a commercial jet. The airline says the airport and location were their deciding factors.

The 727 flights to Orlando holds 172 people, the 757, which will fly to Las Vegas, holds 200 passengers. TransMeridian is looking to see how Rockford responds and then the sky's the limit.

Before the first flight on August 28, TransMeridian plans to hire about 40 flight attendants. Meanwhile, the Greater Rockford Airport launches a new slogan, “Fly RFD. It's a no brainier.”

TransMeridian announced the one way fare to Las Vegas will be $79.