Insurance Claims

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The storm caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to local homes and businesses. Insurance adjusters are busy Tuesday surveying the damage

State Farm called in adjuster Scott Lancaster from Chicago to deal with an overload of claims from Rockford homeowners after Saturday's storms.

“It's pretty extensive. When we're driving through yesterday there's still a lot of debris out on the roads," says Lancaster.

Twenty members of State Farm's catastrophe team are in Rockford. They've come from all over the country to review claims from some 2800 homeowners.

"We're seeing a lot of debris and tree damage that has landed on garages and homes and fences. That's the main damage we're seeing," adds Lancaster.

Lancaster says fallen trees have caused several thousand dollars in damage to the home of Roy and Sandra Miller. Their roof, gutters and fence have been damaged and they're still without phone service, water or electricity.

"We come here every day and clean up a little bit stay til’ about 7:00 or so and then head to the motel. Then come back the next day, clean up a little bit more when we can and then head back to the hotel again," says Roy.

To make matters worse, burglars broke into the Miller's home Monday night, taking everything from computers to a gas can for their grill.

"It's pitch black out here at night without any lights on," Roy says.

"And we're far enough back here from the road that nobody would notice anything different," says Sandra Miller.

It will take a few days to tally the total damage from the storm and burglary, but the Millers are just glad everyone is safe and sound.

State Farm's Lancaster says home owners should try to mitigate damage by taping up broken windows or holes in roofing. He says to call your agent with any questions.