'On The Waterfront' Security

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While we sing along to our favorite hits at On The Waterfront, Big Brother will be watching us. At least 100 Rockford police officers are patrolling downtown Rockford this weekend. Many will be undercover.

"You never know. You may turn around an officer may be there and you have no knowledge of that," said Deputy Chief Theo Glover.

Police have a separate communications system in the mobile command unit to take care of all the calls related to On The Waterfront.

"Any type of emergency we might encounter we can handle it from right inside the mobile command unit," Glover said.

Officers are using surveillance cameras to watch for any suspicious or rowdy behavior. They will be keeping a close eye on people who are drinking alcohol.

"Public drunkenness is not allowed. When it gets to the point they're disturbing other people who are here, we will step in," Glover said.

But this year festival-goers will be allowed to bring drinks from bars onto the streets. Bar owners can be held accountable if laws are broken.

"We've always been held responsible by the letter of the law you have to be, so this is nothing new to us except now they're not restrained within our gates," said Chris Wachowiak, owner of Kryptonite.

"I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have them roaming around the streets at night with drinks because they will take them outside this area," said Kim Murauskas, a festival-goer.

Police promise to stop anyone who tries it.