Senator Obama Visits Counter-Terrorism Force Base in Djibouti

CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti (AP) – U.S. Senator Barack Obama is in Djibouti today as he continues his tour of Africa.

The Illinois Democrat visited troops with a U-counter-terrorism task force in the volatile region, and he says the United States' mission to help make the Horn of Africa more secure is critical.

Obama arrived in Djibouti after touring an eastern Ethiopia town where naval members of the task force have built tents to house 2,700 people displaced by flooding.

Rear Admiral Richard Hunt is the commander of the Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa. And he led Obama on a tour of the base.

Air Force Captain Harley Doubet says he appreciates Obama's visit because it's nice for lawmakers to view and acknowledge the work being done in Djibouti.