Power Out

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At last check on Sunday night almost 38,000 residents are still without power. All Saturday night and Sunday hundreds of utility crews are fighting to repair the damage caused by mother nature.

Crews from around the USA are working as fast as they can to restore power to thousands of area residents. With so many power lines on the ground it could be a day or so before everyone sees their power back.

Electrical crews arriving from Houston, Texas are being debriefed about where they will begin restoring power. The crews are just beginning to learn about the extent of the work in front of them and where they'll be assigned.

Fifty-seven men and women from Center Point Energy roll out in an intimidating convoy of Commonwealth Edison trucks after picking up supplies from the staging area on Charles Street. They will focus their attention on rebuilding this power pole on Broadmoore drive that provides a feeder line to thousands of residents.

Once crew has been working for nearly five hours and still has a tremendous amount of work ahead of them just to finish this project. It's a slow and methodical process they say, but their hoping to have the power restored to this line sometime tomorrow.

The Houston crew says that they plan to stay here a week if needed to restore power to everyone. Electrical crews are working through the night and hope people understand that this is a slow process but their working as fast as they can to get power restored.