Kenyans Greet Obama

MASAI MARA, Kenya (AP) -- Kenyans have found an amazing array of ways to welcome U-S Senator Barack Obama to the homeland of his father.

Orphans have sung about his financial support for a program that aids them. An artist carved his portrait into wood.

And the public at large have made signs saying welcome in different dialects.

T-shirts also have been popular, including one an owner translated as saying --quote-- "We are proud you're a Kenyan."

The people at Basecamp Masai Mara in Kenya's wildlife preserve -- may have come up with the most dramatic.

The Illinois senator entered the camp by walking down stone steps and crossing a bridge with a "Be Aware of Crocodile sign.

He was met by Masai in vivid traditional robes offering him a moist towel and a glass of juice.