String of Bank Crimes

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Police say that witnesses were the reason that one suspect was arrested in just over an hour.

Loves Park police have arrested a man who robbed the Northwest Bank on North Second Street just minutes after this same man attempted to forge checks at the Northwest Bank on north Rockton.

The events played out Wednesday morning as Rockford police first received a call at 10:15 a.m. about a person trying to forge checks here at the Northwest Bank on North Rockton. Just a short time later at 10:29 a.m., Loves Park police responded to a robbery at another Northwest Bank, this one on North Second Street. Witnesses to both crimes identified the same man. Ted Schmidt was installing cable near the robbery and saw the suspect leaving the bank.

At 11:29 a.m., police took off after the suspect after receiving a tip that he was spotted walking on North Second Street. Loves Park police then apprehended 32-year-old Charles Baldon in front of this auto dealership. Baldon is currently on parole and has a long criminal history of robberies.

“Witnesses were very helpful in this case we just got a call from a woman who was the victim of the forgery saw this man walking down the street not knowing that he was a robbery suspect, says Dep. Chief Jim Puckett.

That victim just happened to be driving on North Second Street looking for Baldon herself after he stole her purse last night then tried to forge her checks at the First Northwest Bank.

Police credit witnesses for helping them arrest Baldon in little more than an hour.

Now police are still searching for an accomplice, whom they believe was driving the getaway car. That car is described as a 1990 or 91 red Pontiac Bonneville. If you believe you have seen this car you are asked to call Loves Park police.