Parents React To School Choice Plan

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The Parent Council questions why a variety of options is not being presented to the community. Members broke down the results of a 2005 Parent and Guardian Student Assignment Survey. 6,169 questionnaire’s were mailed and 1,140 survey’s came back.

Here are some of the results:
•As to whether the present assignment plan has improved
educational opportunities overall for RPS 205 students, 31.4% of
parents agreed and 34.4% disagreed.
•A key student assignment policy question gave parents the option to
mark whether they prefer “choice” or “attendance zones.” Results
show that 52.9% marked choice, 36.7% zones, and 10.4% were not
sure or did not answer.
•Black and Hispanic parents were more likely to favor parent’s
choosing the school. White parents were more likely to desire that
students may attend their attendance zone school and that
grandfathering stay in place. Resident on the west side and near
east are more likely to rate the present plan as beneficial to their
•Choice received very high support from Hispanics (78.2%), blacks
(76.8%), and west side residents in zip codes 61102 (82.8%), 61101
(77.8%), and 61104 (73.5%).
•As to why parents did not select their attendance zone school, most
often cited were poor reputation of the attendance zone school,
special program availability elsewhere, and sibling attendance
elsewhere (K).

Parent Council President, Jeanne Westholder says she is very concerned about how fast the student choice plan was put together. Westholder states, “Everyone's been looking at this but we finally have the data information to work with. There really hasn't been enough time provided to take as long of a look as we thought there needs to be."

The Parent Council was also disappointed that the Student Assignment survey results were not included in any recommendations released Tuesday night.