South Beloit Toll Plaza Opens

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If you've had to head through the South Beloit Plaza or have heard the horror stories from someone else, you'll know this opening couldn't come soon enough.

Miles of backed up traffic around the South Beloit Toll Plaza is now a thing of the past. Hundreds of people celebrated the start of open road tolling in South Beloit Tuesday.

"This is terrific. The I-pass system. What they've done with the roads is fantastic. Usually the only time you would see traffic flowing this smoothly is around 3am." Paul Dailey, a traveler said.

The South Beloit Toll Plaza has been a traffic choke point at the gateway to Wisconsin especially on the weekends.

Traffic gridlock has been so severe on the weekends that many drivers avoid I-90 altogether.

"I never got on I-90. I spent my time finding alternate routes around the road, small highways and small roads." South Beloit Mayor Randy Kirichkow said.

The new open road tolling system could save drivers an average of 15 minutes per trip this holiday weekend.

But Wisconsin travelers who don't have an I-pass will have to pay the price.

They're charged twice as much and they still have to stop next to the open road.