Stateline Helping Those Who Need It

One year ago Tuesday, Hurricane Katrina caused devastation never seen before in this country. Though the Gulf Coast is a thousand miles away, our community responded. The fact of the matter is that areas affected by Katrina are still struggling to get back to what they consider normal, and volunteers locally and nationwide are needed right now.

Last March a group from Rock Church headed out to New Orleans to do what they could to help. This is just one of dozens of Stateline groups that has volunteered. The fear now is that a year has gone by, and people might start to forget.

Many cities on the Gulf that were destroyed by Katrina have adopted a five year plan, realizing it will take at least that much time to live as they did before the hurricane. Local groups who have offered to tear down and rebuild say their attitudes won’t be changing.

Rock Church plans on sending another group to New Orleans this fall, and the United Methodist Church plans on going back to Ocean Springs Mississippi in the spring of 2007.