New Study Shows Education is Top Priority Among Voters

Illinois voters want the state’s next governor to invest in education, according to a new poll released by Speak Out for Illinois Schools, a non-partisan coalition of education and community-focused organizations.

“Illinois voters clearly are supportive of public education and want to see the next governor invest more in our schools,” said Samantha Anderson of Communities for Quality Education. “Groups such as the Illinois NAACP, PTA, School Nurses, and Healthy Schools Campaign are working together in the unique Speak Out for Illinois Schools coalition to hold community roundtable events and a candidate forum this fall to advance these important issues.”

Among the key findings in the poll:

- A 44% plurality of Illinoisans volunteer public education as the top priority for the governor and legislature.

- Two-thirds of voters favor increasing the state share of funding for public education.

- Illinois voters support equalizing funding across the state’s school districts. Of nine possible uses for extra education funding, equalizing funding was the top priority. In fact, 51% of voters support increasing funding for low-income school districts, even if it means raising taxes.

- Six out of ten voters say funding inequality is either an extremely or very serious problem.

- More than half of all voters (55%) favor increasing the state income tax, with half of the revenue used to fund public schools and half used to reduce property taxes.