Lt. Governor Fills up on E-85

Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn filled up a flexible-fuel car with E-85 at the Sandy 66 Shop ‘n’ Wash in Rockford to promote increased use of corn-based ethanol in Illinois vehicles – a major part of the new All-American Energy Plan for the State of Illinois.

“We need to reduce our dependence on petroleum controlled by foreign potentates and start converting to homegrown fuel sources that can improve our environment, boost our economy and increase our national independence,” Quinn said.

“Nationwide, there are 5 million flexible-fuel vehicles on the road that can run on E-85 – vehicle fuel that’s 85% ethanol and only 15% gasoline. We need to encourage gas stations to include E-85 pumps, so owners of flexible-fuel vehicles can find the homegrown fuel they want.”

Recently, General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler announced plans to double their annual production of flexible fuel vehicles – capable of running on E-85 or conventional gasoline -- to 2 million cars and trucks by 2010.

“Right now, there are 135 service stations offering E-85 in Illinois,” Quinn said. “That’s nearly double last year’s total, but we need to keep on making progress to make E-85 widely available in the Land of Lincoln”

Quinn is visiting the Rockford to raise citizen awareness of the All-American Energy Plan for the State of Illinois. The plan, unveiled last week by Gov. Rod Blagojevich, calls for the state to cut its dependence on foreign petroleum products in half by 2017.

Under the All-American Energy Plan, up to 24 new ethanol plants will be built over the next five years, tripling the state’s ethanol production capacity. The plan calls for ethanol and other biofuels to meet 50% of Illinois vehicle fuel needs by 2017.

Quinn, who chairs the Governor’s Rural Affairs Council and the Illinois Green Government Coordinating Council, has been a strong advocate of the environmental and economic benefits of corn- and soy-based alternative fuels.

As Lt. Governor, Quinn has advocated increased use of renewable fuels that can expand Illinois’ economy while reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

“Thanks to the farmers in the Land of Lincoln, our state is the nation’s leading producer of soybeans, and the second-largest producer of corn,” Quinn said. “Our new energy plan will make Illinois a national leader in producing clean, All-American energy that will help our environment while boosting our economy.”