Plane Crash

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It could take a year before we know the official cause of a plane crash in Kentucky. This is the worst domestic air accident in nearly five years. 50 people were aboard, 49 people are confirmed dead. There is one survivor who has been identified as the crew's first officer. He is in critical condition. At this hour, the National Transportation Safety Board says the evidence so far shows that the Comair jet that crashed on takeoff took off from the wrong runway. Preliminary results show that the stretch was not long enough to handle fully loaded planes like the Comair flight.

A local company can be spared from the investigation in Kentucky. Emery Air in Rockford fixes about 144 Comair planes. But CEO Steve Thomas tells me that the plane that crashed in Kentucky was never in Rockford. Right now Emery Air they don't even service that model. At some point they might but currently the Rockford hub services 70 passenger planes. Comair officials called Thomas Sunday morning to inform him about the early morning crash.